The Warrior Prince of Berush

The Warrior Prince of Berush

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When a battle-hardened warrior falls for a beautiful, foreign landowner, he finds change does not come easily. Neither do second chances.

Darius is a seasoned soldier serving as general of his brother's army. Tensions between Berush and the neighboring countries of Artylia and Cerecia are high and war looms on the horizon. Renowned for his skill as a swordsman and a leader in battle, Darius vows to protect his country and wreak vengeance on its enemies, but the toll is heavy. Violent dreams torment him at night, and a red haze of anger often clouds his judgment. 

Concerned for his brother's well-being, King Cyrus sends Darius on a diplomatic assignment, but the warrior prince is not used to peaceful missions. He is used to getting his own way, often at the point of a sword. Love is certainly not on his agenda. Supporting his brother and keeping his people safe, whatever the cost, are his only priorities, until he meets Lady Eemya--a beautiful, confident woman with a will to match his own. 

Darius quickly realizes that what he wants cannot be taken, it can only be given. He must convince this genteel, Artylian landholder that he is more than the wild animal he seems. To do so, he must look deep into his own heart, confront the darkness he has allowed to fester there, and find that his worst enemy is himself. But can Darius defeat what torments him and win Eemya's heart at the same time?

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