The Throne of Cerecia

The Throne of Cerecia

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Nothing lasts forever. Marriages, dynasties, and empires rise to glory and crumble into dust. Only those who fight to the end will prevail.

After the secret of his magic fire potion was stolen and his closest ally killed, King Chysh is out for revenge. Unfortunately for him, his ruthless tactics and poor leadership have created many enemies. While the Chief and his band of smugglers foment rebellion, Chysh's own sister considers turning against him, and unknown entities plot behind the scenes.

The normally docile Bashalis has turned into a rebellious teenager. In spite of her sheltered life and limited eyesight, she attempts to escape from her domineering brother and become her own person. As she struggles to find the confidence and courage to defy him and find her own path, Chysh's opposition hopes to use her as a pawn, not knowing how extreme the king's response will be when his younger sister becomes a threat.

Stelan and Talia are experiencing tension in their marriage and cannot pinpoint the source of their communication problems. Is it their language and background differences, fallout from their battle injuries and traumatic experiences, or something deeper? How can two people who love each other so much still be unhappy? A new threat endangering their lives could bring them back together or drive them farther apart.

To ensure the safety of their loved ones, everyone faces tougher choices than they ever expected. Assassins, explosions, battles, and intrigue abound in this quest to determine who sits on the querulous throne of Cerecia.

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