The Neighbors in Apartment 3D: A Domestic Suspense Novel

The Neighbors in Apartment 3D: A Domestic Suspense Novel

Cintra suspects her new neighbors have kidnapped a child. But who will believe a compulsive liar?
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Sometimes home is the most dangerous place to be.


All Cintra Coutinho wants is to win her family back. After she tells her teenage son a despicable lie, her husband asks for a trial separation. She must go six months without a single fib. That's harder than it sounds for a compulsive liar.


Cintra moves in with an old college pal, and befriends the sociable couple next door, who have a young boy staying with them while his mother is “in Europe.” 


Then she spots a note on their door: “I'm being held” written in a childish scrawl, with a drawing of a boy with a gun to his head. Add in the eerie sounds she hears through their shared wall, and Cintra suspects they've kidnapped the boy.


To unravel the truth of what's happening in apartment 3D, Cintra must return to her lying ways.


What she discovers proves the most dangerous people can be the ones living right next door.


Fans of The Couple Next Door and Behind Closed Doors won't see this stunning twist coming.

Release date: August 12, 2020

Publisher: Muradal Publishing

Print pages: 388

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