In one night, Yuan Wen-Ying can take down the Japanese commander who slaughtered masses in Nanking. Can she set the plan in motion if she has to destroy the unrequited love of the only one remaining by her side?

Shanghai, 1944.

After seven years of Japanese occupation, the once glamorous metropolis now lies in ruin. Sirens of air raids haunt the sky. Illnesses, starvation, and death plague every corner.

With only faint hope, Yuan Wen-Ying pledges her allegiance to the Heaven and Earth Society, Shanghai's most notorious underground resistance group. Once the daughter of a wealthy and prominent family, she now moves from one dingy hideout to the next, aiding the group in their lethal plots. Japan, she swore, would be her enemy in this life and beyond.

A chance has come for her to strike back against a Japanese commander who led the massacre in Nanking. The stake surges when the plan gives her a way to reclaim her ancestral home and avenge against the traitors who destroyed her family. By her side, Masao Takeda, her group's covert agent, promises to help her succeed. Could she step up and seize the day?

And will she heed the call of her heart, even if the blood of the enemy runs in the man she loves?

- - -

The Moon Chaser was first published as part of the USA Today Bestselling anthology The Darkest Hour: Tales of WWII Resistance". It is a spin-off novella from the WWII trilogy Shanghai Story, and can be read as a standalone.

Release date: April 29, 2019

Publisher: Lakewood Press

Print pages: 126

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