Last Night with Tokyo Rose: A WWII novel

Last Night with Tokyo Rose: A WWII novel

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"Do I want to see the American flag fly high once again?"
"Is the American flag a reason for me to kill the woman I love?"

***A femme fatale tale of love, loss, and betrayal. An emotional story of two souls torn by a conflict of loyalties on the Pacific front.

Like any other American man, Tom Sakai wants nothing but a good life and a decent job. But in 1941, his country is not a friendly place for a Nisei. Being a son of Japanese immigrants, he's never American enough. As Japan and the United States edge to the brink of war, the truth is all too clear. America has no place for someone like him. In search of his place in the world, he leaves his hometown of Seattle and sets out to sea.

In Manila, he meets Fumiko, a Nisei from Los Angeles with a heartbreaking past who captures his heart. His soulmate who tread the same path of prejudice he walked at home. Together, they begin a new life in this burgeoning city under American colonial rule where they are no longer shunned.

The Pearl Harbor attack destroys their dreams. Their dual identity now forces them to take a side. Their survival hinges on whether they stand with the land of the rising sun or the land of the free.

Stranded in occupied territory, Tom must decide where his loyalty lies. Should he swear his allegiance to Imperial Japan, the instigator of war and violence? Or America, the country that deserted him when the world's darkest hour begins?

What happens if his choice diverges from his one true love?

- - -

From the author of the WWII historical fiction series Rose of Anzio and Shanghai Stories, comes another unforgettable tale of WWII rarely told before.

Release date: January 22, 2021

Publisher: Lakewood Press

Print pages: 436

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