Shanghai Dreams: (Shanghai Story Book Two) A WWII Drama Trilogy

Shanghai Dreams: (Shanghai Story Book Two) A WWII Drama Trilogy

Book 2: Shanghai Story
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On the eve when the Empire of the Rising Sun arrives to scorch all in its path, how much must one sacrifice to keep alive the glimmer of hope? Follow this saga and watch the brightest city in the East take its last stand at the dawn of WWII.

In the face of horror, his country stood alone. Japan's hunger for power shows no signs of retreat. Pushed to the edge, the Kuomintang turns to the Kremlin as its last hope for help.

To help his country succeed, Clark Yuan has to make a choice. Follow his heart and pursue the woman he loves, or give cover to a Russian princess as her paramour in a plot to sway the Soviets behind their cause?

What should a man do when protecting his country demands the loss of his dreams?


Shunned by the community for defending an innocent Nazi, Eden Levine begins the new year friendless and alone. Determined to go on, she immerses herself in work. Her singular goal to expose the Japanese navy's sordid secret and save the comfort women trapped in a living hell.

All that changes when she catches the eye of Neil Sassoon, nephew of Shanghai's most powerful tycoon.

A chance of a lifetime unfolds before her.

As the threat of war in China comes near, should she grasp the prize and promise of safety, or should she stay true to the voice within?

"When I look at all the devastation that has shattered my dreams, the one dream I will always lament losing is a chance to fall in love with you."

- - -

From the author of the Rose of Anzio series, don't miss this sweeping WWII tale of love, loss, and hope during one of the world's darkest hours.

Release date: November 16, 2018

Publisher: Lakewood Press

Print pages: 460

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