The Kremlin's Vote: A Jayne Robinson spy thriller, book 1

The Kremlin's Vote: A Jayne Robinson spy thriller, book 1

Andrew Turpin Founding author
A plot against the United States, born in Moscow. Two US officials are gunned down while visiting London.
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Defending the West . . . Why has a top United States official been gunned down outside a quiet British pub? A trail of deception misleads the CIA . . . And intelligence operative Jayne Robinson is viciously targeted during a high risk foray into Russia to get the truth.
In this first book in a dramatic new spy series, Robinson is covertly deployed by the CIA in a deniable operation to handle one of its biggest assets in the Kremlin—recruited by her.
But instead, she finds herself grappling to get to the bottom of an apparent threat that seems likely to engulf the White House.
The mission becomes unexpectedly, and deeply, personal for Robinson . . .
Can she outwit one of the Russian foreign intelligence service's most deadly operatives?
Nothing is what it seems in this vortex of deception and deceit.
As she gets closer to the reasons for the killings, the stakes rise . . .
Will Robinson overcome the threats from all that modern Russian spycraft can throw at her?
The Kremlin's Vote, book number one in the new Jayne Robinson series, is a gripping espionage thriller with unexpected twists that will be difficult to put down.

Release date: February 21, 2021

Publisher: The Write Direction Publishing

Print pages: 452

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