The Dark Shah: A Jayne Robinson spy thriller, book 2

The Dark Shah: A Jayne Robinson spy thriller, book 2

Andrew Turpin Founding author
A deadly provocation of the United States . . . A drone attack on the Secretary of State near Tel Aviv.
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Defending the West . . . Is a deadly drone attack on the US Secretary of State in Tel Aviv a deliberate provocation? A covert meeting with an Iranian nuclear chief in Vienna goes disastrously wrong . . . And who is the hitman with intelligence operative Jayne Robinson in his crosshairs?
Robinson is sent by the CIA to find out who left the Secretary of State fighting for his life in Israel and why.
However, the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, has the same agenda.
Given their history, can she trust them?
As her investigation progresses, Jayne finds she needs all her skills and know-how if she is to avoid the same fate as her much-loved father—blown up more than twenty years earlier in a mystery attack by pro-Iranian Hezbollah terrorists in London.
But why is Jayne being targeted now, and what is the hidden high-stakes agenda that's driving it?
The Dark Shah, book number two in the new Jayne Robinson series, is a gripping modern spy thriller with unexpected twists that will be difficult to put down.

Release date: September 28, 2021

Publisher: The Write Direction Publishing

Print pages: 450

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