The Dragon Storm

The Dragon Storm

Sarah Dalton Founding author
Dragon shifters have returned to the world. A cruel king sits on the throne.
Genres: Fantasy
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In Estala, Reva Avalon--on the run from the Sisters of Insight--travels from village to village as the plague creates chaos and disorder throughout the population. But her movements are tracked by an unknown danger. Could her follower be one of the Sisters? Or could it be someone capable of unlocking the secrets of her past?

Meanwhile, in Xantos, Prince Luca’s camp of Menti rebels is in tatters after his brother’s attack. But with his father dead, Luca fears for the stability of his home, Estala. Despite their weakened state, Luca must find a way to strengthen the rebels, even if it means bargaining with an organisation he does not trust.

In the second book of the Land of Fire and Ash series, court politics is played like a game, heroes are betrayed, and alliances are tested. But all the while magic stirs as the dragons gain and lose power, and dark sorcery threatens the realm.

Release date: May 24, 2017

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Print pages: 314

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