The Dragon Rises

The Dragon Rises

Sarah Dalton Founding author
A dark lord attracts a zealous following. A young king grapples with his powers.
Genres: Fantasy
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A dark lord attracts a zealous following. A young king grapples with his powers. Across the sea a volcano erupts, signalling the beginning of a prophecy.

Reva travels alone through Estala, separated from her Menti companions, and reeling from a recent betrayal. She heads to Reyalon to seek out her childhood friend, Prince Luca, but as she sets foot in the city, she is attacked. Who is hunting her? And why?

At Nesra’s Keep, Luca sits on the throne, ruling Estala with help from Princess Serena, and Brother Axil. One day a new tutor arrives, determined to teach Luca his skills with magic. But this unknown man’s motivations are unclear as he worms his way into Luca’s favour.

Meanwhile The Lord, claiming to be a god, builds his army one by one, village by village, collecting those willing to reject their king. And as his power grows, he waits patiently for the best moment to strike…

It is not easy to be a hero in the Land of Fire and Ash. Some will rise to the challenge, others will fall from grace. The games continue in book three, The Dragon Rises.

Release date: April 15, 2019

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 381

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