Bonding with the Alien Warrior

Bonding with the Alien Warrior

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A planet without women, a lone princess lost in space, the brutal warrior who can save her.

On a routine mission, Tam stumbles into the impossible, a miracle woman frozen in a cryo-pod, naked, and dying of cryo-disease. He can save her, but doing so will bind her to him forever, body, heart, and soul. And once he has her, no way he'll ever let her go. Not even a universe at war can rip them apart.

Bonding with the Alien Warrior is a full-length standalone romance jampacked with bada*s alien warriors, a virginal heroine princess from a planet on the brink of extinction, and an alpha hero determined to keep her against all odds.

IF YOU LOVE FATED MATES romance, sexy aliens, and interplanetary adventure, this is the series for you. No fades-to-black, no cliffhangers, and all the happily-ever-afters!

WARNING: This story is intended for a mature audience. It contains dark themes, including but not limited to sexuality, violence, and sexual aggression.

Each book in the series is a full standalone with an HEA, but if you prefer to read in order:

Tribe Warriors of Argentus Series:

Book 1: The Bonding (Nissa & Tam)
Book 2: The Breaking (Feola & Ajax)
Book 3: The Taming (Klym & Tor)
Book 4: The Claiming (Tessa & Sanger)

★★★★★ "The hottest sizzling space adventure I have ever read. Action, adventure, and humor wrapped In weapons and intense love and devotion. I could not put it down! Loved it!" - Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ "Together, Nissa and Tam are explosive. I'm talking off the charts hot. There are twists and turns; some I never saw coming. They all came together, though, to perfect this story." - Michele from Amazon Reviews

★★★★★ "I love love love this book. I was invested in the story from page one, and couldn't put it down. Nissa and Tam had to go through a lot of things to be together." - Vanessa from Amazon Reviews

★★★★★ "This read consumed me. I read until couldn't keep my eyes open, woke up and kept reading till the end. It was wonderful." - Aisha from Amazon Reviews

★★★★★ "Oh my goodness. The author has taken my breath away. The world, so original and clever, had me enthralled all the way through. In fact, it has converted me to erotic sci-fi religion!" - Nathalie of Amazon Reviews

Release date: December 31, 2016

Publisher: Mindless Muse Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 401

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