Talk Dirty To Me

Talk Dirty To Me

There's a reason they tell you not to talk to strangers--him.
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There's a reason they tell you not to talk to strangers. Him.

Stranger Lowe—the monster under the bed, the ghost in the wind, the shadows in the night. He's a hit man without a conscience who works alone and never misses his mark.

Until her. Mia Reed, with her hot pink wallet and her dirty filthy writing and her hundred thousand secrets. She's the first mark he can't bring himself to kill. Unable to stay away, unable to tell the truth—their imperfect union begins with a lie—a fake online identity, stolen messages in the night. Direct messages turn to text messages, and text messages turn to steamy phone calls, until steamy phone calls aren't enough. Together, they are electric.

She's everything he never wanted, everything he's always needed. But in order to have her, he has to figure out who wants her dead, and if there's one thing Stranger is very good at, it's eliminating all threats. They rollercoaster from heat turned toxic to an undeniable longing for the one thing they can never have—a future. Who could ever love a hitman?

Talk Dirty with Me is a steamy standalone Romance, heavy on the steam, heavy on the romance, heavy on the dirty talk.

Release date: June 10, 2019

Publisher: Mindless Muse Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 372

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