When love is an act of warfare, there's only one choice--rebel.
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The sexy, action-packed first book in The City of a Thousand Lies trilogy by award-winning Imogen Keeper.

THE GOVERNMENT drugs us with ‘vitamins.'
They monitor us with nanochips.
They subjugate us with fear.

Citizens obey.
Outlaws are hunted down in the streets.

NO ONE knows that better than me.
Four years ago, my mother died, my father rebelled and was instantly Outlawed, leaving me responsible for my sick sister, a stack of bills and both our lives.
So I kept my head down and I prayed the government would never look my way. But now, they've found me anyway and have issued an impossible command. I have to write the code to convert nanochips to mind control devices and take the final freedom away from all of us—our own minds.

FOR A TEST SUBJECT, they gave me Romeo-Three, a captive bio-engineered soldier as dangerous as he is irresistible.
The reckless hope that saturates his every word ignites inside me a longing for a life beyond obedience.

LOVING HIM is an act of war.
The price tag of his freedom is my life, leaving us with no choice but to rebel—even if rebellion means certain death.

A seductive, breathtaking book that blends Romance, Fantasy and futuristic elements into an unforgettable read.

Release date: June 29, 2021

Publisher: Mindless Muse, LLC

Content advisory: This novel is intended for mature adult readers.

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