Swearing at a Sea monster

Swearing at a Sea monster

Book 3: Folk Haven
She’s a selkie on a mission. He’s a monster in her way. Does she want to kill the creature, or kiss him?


She’s a selkie on a mission. He’s a monster in her way. There’s a fine line between wanting to kill a creature, and wanting to kiss him…

Moira MacNamara cannot stand Levi Abadi, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a literal monster. Who cares that the man can transform into a terrifying beast? The truly bothersome things are how he ambushes her in council meetings and wants to demolish her prime real estate on Lake Galen. Plus, there’s the whole history of his father stealing a precious selkie pelt from her family. Moira will go so far as to enter a dangerous magical competition just to win an argument against the infuriating monster.

The busybody selkie needs to get out of his way.

Levi is barely months from the grand opening of his luxury spa, and he does not need literal duels happening on the vacant property next door. The stubborn selkie owner of the land knows just as well as he does that the ground is steeped in toxic magic, and bad things will continue to happen if no one clears out the evil vibes. Problem is, when Moira comes up with a plan, Levi somehow gets roped in as her assistant. Fine. As long as this means there’s nothing bothering his future customers during their relaxation.

On the pair’s quest to cleanse the lakeside property, the two mythical enemies find themselves on common ground. Ground they lay down on, roll around on, and maybe lose a few pieces of clothing on. But secrets of the past and new dangers to the town of Folk Haven threaten a fragile romance between the selkie and the sea monster...

Dive into the magical waters of Lake Galen with book three in the Folk Haven series, a 70k word paranormal romance. Fans of Molly Harper, Gena Showalter, and Kresley Cole will want to add this book to their shelf!

Release date: January 5, 2022

Print pages: 276

Content advisory: This book contains scenes with discrimination, violence, captivity, and attempted assault. In addition, there are discussions of manipulative relationships and past hate crimes.

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