I'm going to make her mine. Easy as pie.

♥ Willow ♥

My great aunt's dying wish was to re-open her family's legacy, the Sugar Creek bakery, and come hell or high water, I'm going to make it happen in her stead. Transferring from L.A., I can deal with the biting cold, an overdose of Valentine's Day spirit, an apparent saboteur, and even the small town gossip surrounding my (in)famous mother. 

They say preparation is everything, but there's one thing waiting for me in Maine that I never could have prepared myself for. Because even in a town filled with men that look like they were carved from marble, Sheriff Connor Richards is serious temptation. Unless I can figure out how to control myself, tongues are going to wag. And not in a good way. 

♥ Connor ♥

Six months as Sheriff of sleepy little Sugar Creek must have lulled me into a fall sense of security. Back in my Army days, five and a half feet of spunky brunette would never have caught me off guard like this. But I'm falling hard and fast for the little bakery owner. 

She might kick shoes at me and think this thing between us will throw gasoline on the gossip fire, but whatever it takes, I'm going to show Willow Myers that she belongs with me. Right after I destroy whoever is terrorizing her and trying to tank her grand opening. 

The Sweet Hearts series is a collection of 14 swoon-worthy Valentine's Day love stories from some of your favorite romance authors! Treat yourself to all the books in the series:

PUPPY LOVE by Kali Hart
SUGAR PIE by Mae Harden
YOU ROCK by Lola West
HEY QT by Jade Bay
DREAM TEAM by Anita Knight
MY HERO by Mazzy King
HEART OF GOLD by Fern Fraser
1-800 CUPID by C.L. Cruz
TOO SWEET by Lana Dash
CUTIE PIE by Nichole Rose
KISS ME by Kat Baxter
LET'S KISS by Barbra Campbell
HONEY BUN by Eve London
YES DEAR by Vanessa Booke

Release date: February 2, 2021

Print pages: 92

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