Anyone But You

Anyone But You

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It was supposed to be a quick boat trip out to the island. One morning. Just enough time to get the photos I need for my research grant. But nothing ever goes according to plan. The ship captain I’m expecting is replaced at the last minute, leaving me stuck with Dean Carpenter. Cocky, charming, and unfairly sexy, my best friend’s older brother is six-and-a-half-feet worth of thorn in my side. 


The more time I spend with Dean, the more I grudgingly have to admit he’s not the teenager I remember. He still loves to push my buttons, but he’s found new ones. In places I can’t resist. 





Filling in for my brother has never had a better view. When Sutton O’Brien turns up on my pier, the mouthwatering curves are all-new, but her fiery spirit is just as intoxicating as I remember.

Stranded by a heart-pounding accident and a storm of biblical proportions, I’m given the one thing I want more than anything else: more time with my uptight little historian. 


Now I just have to show her how right we are for each other. In bed and out.

Release date: August 9, 2021

Print pages: 60

Reader says this book is...: entertaining story (2) escapist/easy read (1) happily ever after (2) high heat (2) sex scenes (1) strong chemistry (1) swoon-worthy (1) terrific writing (1)

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