Revved Up

Revved Up

Book 3: Sonoma
She wanted an adventure... He's about to give it to her.
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Four months ago, I made the first spontaneous decision of my life. I left my cold, suffocating family behind and set out for the Golden State. In pursuit of happiness, I threw my rule book out the window. New home, new job, and a brand-new spontaneous Parker. I have to admit, becoming New Parker would be a lot easier if I wasn't flat broke and living in a shack. But I have my friends, a little bookstore full of romance novels, and the freedom I've always desperately wanted.

I was perfectly happy with my shelves of book boyfriends until Lukas Donovan walked into my shop. The black sheep of the Donovan family, with his bottle-green eyes, stubbly beard, and those tree-trunk thighs... my romance novel men might never cut it again. I just wish he wasn't such a dick.


Everyone knows I'm the good time guy. I'm the man you date when you want to piss off your daddy, and the guy you sleep with to make your ex jealous. I'm not long term.

Parker Thompson is long term. Preacher's daughter and my sister's best friend, she's one hundred percent off limits and a bad idea no matter how you look at it. Bad idea or not, it doesn't stop me from wanting her so badly it makes me ache. I know I should push her away, keep my distance... but how the hell am I supposed to do that when I can't stand the idea of another man touching her or looking at her. Or really even breathing near her.

Revved Up is Book 3 in the Sonoma Series by Mae Harden. Safe, HEA, No cheating, and lots of dirty talk! Get ready for Lukas Donovan, because he's got a possessive streak and a filthy mouth that's going to drive Parker wild.

Release date: December 3, 2020

Print pages: 225

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