Intergalactic civilization emerges from its war-torn ruins for the first time in generations to explore the galaxy, in this stunning new anthology from the bestselling world of Twilight Imperium

A terrible war destroyed a vast empire, and left its survivors shattered and isolated. Millenia of history, technology and the ever-expanding imperial grip were lost. From the secretive Naalu, the proud Hacan, to the piratical Mentak Coalition, these factions and worlds are recovering and looking past their borders to the galaxy beyond again – but what awaits them in the vastness of space? New territory, allies, and opportunities abound, but the history that once bound them together now stands between them, and the opportunities to be found in war may be greater than in peace…

The Fifth Stage, by Alex Acks
Contact, by Danie Ware
A Ghost of a Chance, by M Darusha Wehm
Shield of the Reef, by Robbie MacNiven
First Impressions, by Sarah Cawkwell
Defiler's Moon, by Tim Pratt

Publisher: Aconyte

Print pages: 352

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