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Sky Brooks World: Ethan

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From Book 1:

I protect my pack at all costs—and I never fail.

The vampires have broken our tentative truce and are threatening to destroy my pack. At the center of their scheme is Sky, an enigmatic lone wolf, who they believe is a weapon that can be used against us.

Nothing about the quiet, doe-eyed brunette screams “danger” or “ruthless weapon.” And that's the problem. My wolf's instinct says to protect her, especially after a necromancer tries to kill her, the vampires repeatedly attempt to abduct her, and we receive a dire warning about her.

But as more is discovered about the elusive lone wolf, I quickly realize she's more dangerous than she looks.

Can I neutralize the situation and protect her life, or do what I do best—protect the pack at all costs?

Moon Crossed is Ethan's POV of Moon Tortured (Sky Brooks Series: Book 1) with added scenes and storylines. It can be read alone, but reading Moon Tortured first will enhance your reading experience.

Release date: April 12, 2017

Publisher: Sky Publishing

Print pages: 272 pages

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Sky Brooks World: Ethan
James Patrick Cronin
8 hrs and 40 mins
April 5, 2017
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