Midnight Eternal

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Keeping our existence a secret protected the pack. Now the wrong people know about us. That's the reason the Alphas and I have been abducted to be hunted for sport, but we have no intention of going down without a fight.

Escape seems nearly impossible once it becomes apparent that we've been betrayed by those that we once considered allies and many of our secrets have been exposed.

If we are to survive this, we need our pack.

With the disappearance of the Alphas, Sky has become the Elite Alpha. Sky has always been the pack's heart but she'll have to become darker and more ruthless to help us.

I have no doubts that Sky will rise to the challenge but I know it will come at a price. As my mate, I'd give my life to protect hers and I know she'd do the same. That's the problem. The cost of our safety might be more than I'm willing to pay.

Release date: February 24, 2021

Publisher: Sky Publishing

Print pages: 538

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