Book 2: Raven Cursed
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A spell revealed I was marked by the raven. Now what?

Well, I already know day drinking isn't the answer. And Mephisto, with his increasing interest in me and my magic, isn't either. But what is?

The secrets behind the mark keep unfolding, revealing that I'm more dangerous than anyone ever suspected and that I'm the only person preventing the demise of several powerful and dangerous magical beings. Some people want me as an ally and others simply want me dead—and I have no idea who's on my side.

My plan to discover who my allies are and stay away from Mephisto goes to hell when my best friend performs an archaic and illegal spell that unleashes a fae with animancer magic.

I tend to play fast and loose with a lot of rules. In fact, most of them I simply ignore. But there are some that should never be broken, and the one at the top of that list? Don't ever put the shifters in danger.

My best friend just broke that cardinal rule.

Whether friend or foe, I need Mephisto's help to recapture the fae, and make sure the shifters don't retaliate.

I'll do anything to save my friend—even make a deal with the devil.

Release date: April 24, 2020

Publisher: Sky Publishing

Print pages: 280

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McKenzie Hunter
Khristine Hvam
9 hrs and 4 mins
4.61 MB
April 15, 2020
Sky Publishing




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