Olivia believes her only true love was KIA. 20 years later, she finds Michael. Will destiny keep them apart?
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Keywords: Family SagaFamily Dramasecond chance

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Serendipity is identified as one of the words hardest to translate.
That's because it's more than happy accident or good luck. It's when random events all happen by chance in a satisfactory or beneficial way.

That's how you would describe Mike and Olivia's love.
Olivia Wellman is beside her long-lost love, Mike O'Malley, as he buries his son, adopts a child fathered by his brother and together, they find their own to deal with love and loss.

This is the 1st novel from The O'Malleys Saga. Hope, novella, follows the story.

Release date: May 19, 2016

Print pages: 297

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