Securing Willow

Securing Willow

Willow hostage in commune is rescued by Tyler, SEAL. Tyler is not looking for love but finds it anyway.
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Willow Clark has lived her life believing her father was killed in action, driving her and her mother into a survivalist compound. However, the compound no longer feels like home after her mother and their benefactor dies. Struggling with the new overseer, she attempts to leave the compound for a better life. What she doesn't expect is to find that her father is very much alive and has been searching for her and her mother for the past fifteen years. Now the very foundation of her life changes in one day and she will embark on learning how to live with a father she never knew.

Navy SEAL Tyler Ellison, aka Dodger, struggles with survivor's guilt after losing his team in an ambush in Afghanistan. After being reassigned, his first mission with his new team is to extract a woman from a survivalist camp. Only Dodger can't leave this mission behind and finds himself in a different kind of struggle; his heart.

Willow's journey into her new ‘normal' life involves forging a relationship with her father and guarding her heart from a man who runs away from relationships and commitment.

Dodger has finally met his match and can no longer dodge the woman holding his heart.

Will these two find the security they are both missing? Can Tyler take on his most important mission, Operation: Securing Willow?

Release date: March 9, 2021

Print pages: 294

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