Road Kills

Road Kills

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Anyone who has ever fallen off a bike and skinned a knee can tell you that a road is a dangerous place. You can break a bone or crack your skull open barreling down some stretch of interstate at 70 miles per hour in a cage of steel, fiberglass, plastic, and rubber.  

Right now you are safe. You can comfort yourself by listening to this audiobook while curled up on your bed or in your favorite chair. Just don't forget about what's waiting for you just beyond the edge of your driveway.  

Road Kills is a collection of short tales of dark comic horror from the mind of Isaac Thorne. These stories are all connected to travel, to the road. After all, it is always lurking there, quiet and dark, just waiting for you to come out for a drive or a walk or a jog. 

However you next confront it, the road is already there, plotting. And waiting. For you.  

Enjoy the ride.

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Road Kills
Isaac Thorne
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August 14, 2018
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