Reprisal: John Hayes #5

Reprisal: John Hayes #5

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth...
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Everyone knows revenge is a dish best served cold and no-one knows this better than John Hayes.

After dealing with the mercenaries sent to kill him in Oman, John realizes he can never live in peace knowing the man who sent them, the man ultimately responsible for endangering the woman he loves, is still roaming free.

To hunt him down John must draw on all his courage and will power, and return to where it all began.


Reprisal is another exciting, nail-biting adventure once again starring John Hayes, an ordinary man in extraordinary situations.

What readers are saying:

*****These books are very difficult to put down!
*****I was eagerly turning the pages until the end.
***** It's fast paced and action packed. With lots of twists and turns that's a real page turner.
*****John is an ordinary man that trouble seems to find
*****This read pulls you in right from the first page.

Release date: January 30, 2020

Print pages: 342

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