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They killed his wife. Now Julian will make them pay. This time, it's personal.

Michelle Mercer was brutally and violently murdered. Her husband, Julian, arrived home just moments too late. He held her as she bled out on their kitchen floor. And then his life fell apart. He was forced to resign from the Special Air Service, leaving him with nothing except his rage and his team. They worked recoveries and performed tasks that no one else wanted, but after a mission went south, the team's back in London for an extended stay. And Julian won't leave until he hunts down the person who murdered his beloved. There's only one problem. The killer has set his sights on Mercer.

With little left to lose, Julian will do just about anything to get justice for his wife. But when the killer targets Mercer's teammates, all bets are off. Is revenge more important than saving innocent lives or the lives of his brothers-in-arms?

How far will one man go to stop his wife's killer?

Release date: December 25, 2018

Publisher: Modus Operandi

Print pages: 273

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