Psychological Thriller Box Set: Psychological Suspense Thrillers That’ll Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat Bundle

Psychological Thriller Box Set: Psychological Suspense Thrillers That’ll Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat Bundle

Cole Baxter Founding author
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A new box set from the king of psychological thrillers – Cole Baxter. Contains Stolen Son, Before She's Gone, and What She Forgot.

Stolen Son

First the messages came. Then her son was taken...

When Annabeth woke up from her coma, she had no idea who she was or how she got hurt. She soon found that she was held captive. Her pregnancy was also a total surprise, as she had no idea who the father of her child was.

Now that it's been ten years later, Annabeth is trying to live a normal life with her disabled son, Gregory...

...until she got that text: “I want my son.”

She didn't know who it was, but the messages kept coming. And then her son went missing.

When she realized that the police were useless, Annabeth knew she had to do everything she could to get her son back on her own.

But what she doesn't know is that the kidnapper is far closer to her than she ever expected, and has been watching her every move.

Will she be able to get past the truth and get her son back unharmed?

Before She's Gone

Their entire marriage was a lie...

Jacob and Amanda Corey live what appears to be an idyllic life on Long Island. Other than an apparent inability to have children, they enjoy a seemingly perfect marriage.

But the sudden suicide of Jacob's father reveals a hidden dark past, one that fractured Jacob in ways even he can't comprehend. Amanda knows something is terribly wrong with her husband, and she's keeping a secret of her own that could destroy them.

A shocking truth shatters everything Amanda and Jacob thought was true and they realize their entire life has been a lie. Now they must face down the harsh light of reality or pay the ultimate price.

What She Forgot

The accident took two lives. But it also took Hannah's memory...

Waking in the hospital with zero memories after a car accident that killed her mysterious passenger and the other driver, Hannah finds herself suddenly thrust into a life she doesn't recognize.

Doting husband. Two beautiful daughters. PTA all feels foreign, and while her husband and doctors assure her she's recovering well and the memories will return, she's not so sure.

As she struggles to search for herself, she discovers strange inconsistencies—things that make her question everything she's been told.

When her memories finally return, will Hannah's past spell disaster for her future?

Release date: May 18, 2021

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