Posed for Death

Posed for Death

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Release date: April 21, 2023

Publisher: pd workman

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Behind the book

Author Notes may contain spoilers

In Posed for Death, I explore the complex and rarely discussed world of elder care. This medical thriller takes readers on a journey through the challenges faced by those who care for the elderly, and the consequences of neglect and abuse.

Of course, this required a deep dive into the subject on my part. I have copied a few resources to the “Book Club Resources” tab. Proceed with caution. There is plenty more available online, if you have the stomach for it. The reality is that elder care is often overlooked in our society, and it is a subject that needs more attention.

As a society, we have come a long way in the last few decades in addressing child abuse and neglect. Practices common a hundred years ago are no longer considered acceptable, and children are no longer seen as chattels that parents can treat as they choose. But we still have a long way to go in elder care and deciding what practices are acceptable in modern society. There is little or no regulation of those who choose to care for their loved ones at home. Dealing with adults who are no longer in control of their bodies or their minds can very quickly become overwhelming for family members and frustration turns to anger.

Even when care choices are lovingly made, they can still result in harm. In Posed for Death, one of the issues tackled is that of restraint systems in elder care and the damage that can result from their use. While restraint systems may be intended to keep patients safe, they can and do result in strangulation and asphyxiation. These issues are not limited to institutional care settings, but can also occur in home care situations where family members may not have the necessary training or resources to provide appropriate care.

Other consequences of neglect and abuse in elder care include bed sores, infections, and mental decline. It is important to address these issues and work to improve the care and treatment of our elderly population.

Hopefully, as you enjoy reading Posed for Death, you will learn more through the eyes of Dr. Kenzie Kirsch about the challenges faced by those who care for the elderly and the need for education in this area.

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