Captured in Death

Captured in Death

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Release date: June 21, 2024

Publisher: pd workman

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Behind the book

Author Notes may contain spoilers

When I wrote Shattered to Death, I needed a trigger to explain Rhys’s emotional breakdown/fugue state that led to his hospitalization and further treatment as part of that storyline. It wasn’t hard to imagine that he coul dhav ebeen sent a picture that might have upset him. .There are frequently stories in the news about violent pictures being shared among teenagers in particular.

The picture that Rhys received was particularly triggering because of the similarity in the cause of death with that of his grandfather, a murder which he had witnessed and had left him traumatized for many years.

By the end of Shattered to Death, I knew that Kenzie was going to need to solve the murder of this unknown victim. Not an easy task, when she didn’t even have the body.

Pictures shared on social media have provided the key to solving many cases. they are especially helpful if there are identifiable locations in the background or have attached metadata. Unfortunately, many social media platforms automatically strip this information out, as does capturing a screenshot from SnapChat or one of the many other photosharing apps.

In this case, Kenzie also has to find convincing evidence that the apparent victim in the picture is the actual victim of an actual murder. With stage makeup and/or the increasingly convincing photo-editing and photo-generating tools available, this part of the case may prove to be quite the challenge!

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