Operation Red Dragon: And the Unthinkable

Operation Red Dragon: And the Unthinkable

James Rosone Founding author
The Middle East is ablaze. Is it the war to end all wars? What will desperation cause the Islamic Republic?
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"Operation Red Dragon and the Unthinkable" is the second instalment in the Rosone's and Watson's "World War III" series, an Amazon Top Selling series. It is set in an America which refuses to surrender their forces in the Middle East and capitulate to the Caliphate's demands. The Middle East is ablaze and the Islamic State threatens the United States, nuclear annihilation is a risk on both sides, and China is hovering around the battlefield. And what will happen to America's old ally, Israel?In this volume, Rosone and Watson create a thrilling military thriller, that will keep the reader's heart pounding.

Release date: May 30, 2016

Publisher: Front Line Publishing Inc.

Print pages: 406

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