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The sudden arrival of big-city elites in small-town America triggers a violent wave of protests—and a possible civil war—in this explosive thriller from the bestselling authors of Down the Dark Streets. This is . . .

They came from the cities. Wealthy, work-from-home professionals fleeing the rotting crime-ridden hellscapes of northern blue states for the peace and tranquility of small-town life. Almost overnight, they take over the sleepy village of Springerville, South Carolina. They snatch up the real estate. Turn old-fashioned stores into fancy boutiques. Transform the schools. And bring crime and corruption with them. Now one of these invaders—a predatory media mogul from New York—is running for mayor. His plan is to turn Springerville into a sprawling urban enclave . . . just like the ones the northerners left behind. And Springerville will be ruined forever. . . .

Not if Gus Fuller can stop it. A former army sergeant and lifelong townie, Gus runs the old luncheonette his grandfather built—and plans to give the media mogul a run for his money. Everyone in Springerville loves Gus, and he has no problem winning the mayoral race. But when the mogul accuses him of rigging the election, all hell breaks loose. Busloads of domestic terror groups roll into town. Angry mobs take to the streets, followed by rioting, looting, and burning. They’re turning Main Street into a war zone. So Gus and his army buddies are dusting off their uniforms—and taking a stand. . . .

It's time to fight back. It’s time to fight hard.
It’s time to show these America-haters this is not their home.

Release date: May 21, 2024

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

Print pages: 368

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