Make-Believe: The Complete Series

Make-Believe: The Complete Series

Vivi Holt Founding author
What happens when make-believe feelings between these fake couples turn real?
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Read the entire bestselling Make-Believe series by Vivi Holt today for a special, discounted price.

Billionaires, cowboys, navy seals, ex-cops and more fill the pages of these six sweet reads. Deliciously toe-curling kisses, adventure, and second chances await in over 1300 pages of sweet romance.

This boxed set includes six full-length sweet and inspirational love stories:

Make-Believe Fiance
Make-Believe Wedding
Make-Believe Honeymoon
Make-Believe Husband
Make-Believe Proposal
Make-Believe Marriage

Release date: January 6, 2020

Publisher: Black Lab Press

Print pages: 1114

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