Jameson Fox

Jameson Fox

Nina Levine Founding author
A standalone enemies-to-lovers, fake marriage, billionaire romance.
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Rule number one if you’re going to fake marry a billionaire: only marry him if you like him and he likes you.

Jameson Fox is the most infuriating, arrogant, frustrating, presumptuous, self-important alphahole I have ever met.

He stole my company from me five years ago. Now, he’s made me an offer I can’t refuse: fake marry him, and he’ll give it back.

The only catch: we have to stay married for one year or I get nothing.

Oh, the other catch? Jameson is a dictator. Honestly, he’s so good at bossing people that I don’t know how he hasn’t taken over a country yet.

He bosses me into kissing him.

He bosses me into attending social events with him.

He bosses me into sharing a bedroom with him.

I’m contemplating ordering him a coffin.

He’s going to need one soon.

I hate the man.

And yet, all I want to do is sit in his lap and do dirty things to him.

Jameson Fox is a standalone enemies-to-lovers, fake marriage, billionaire romance featuring a grumpy, bossy hero; a strong, sassy heroine; non-stop fireworks and heat; banter for days; and the kind of love that is once-in-a-lifetime… if only they can stop arguing long enough to figure that out.

Dual POV with a HEA you’ll be swooning over.

Release date: March 25, 2022

Publisher: Nina Levine Publishing

Print pages: 378

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