Book 12: First Colony
Ken Lozito Founding author
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Over the years, Connor has pieced together evidence of a mysterious group of aliens who roamed the multiverse and have been to New Earth.

Setting off to make new discoveries about them is straightforward enough, but this is New Earth, and Connor Gates has a knack for finding trouble.

For over twenty years, Connor and Diaz have been friends. They've survived two wars and have seen the best and the worst of each other. When a terrorist attack takes the life of Diaz's son, their friendship will be pushed to the breaking point.

To find who is responsible, Diaz is willing to cross as many lines as it takes. Connor will do everything he can to protect his friend, even from himself. It'll take everything he's got to find who is responsible while preserving a peaceful coexistence with New Earth's inhabitants.

Sometimes protecting your friends is a lot tougher than fighting your enemies.

Impulse is the 12th book in the bestselling military science fiction series, First Colony. Read the 12th book in this sprawling space opera today!

First Colony Series

Book 1 - Genesis

Book 2 - Nemesis

Book 3 - Legacy

Book 4 - Sanctuary

Book 5 - Discovery

Book 6 - Emergence

Book 7 - Vigilance

Book 8 - Fracture

Book 9 - Harbinger

Book 10 - Insurgent

Book 11 - Invasion

Book 12 - Impulse

Release date: August 3, 2021

Publisher: Acoustical Books LLC

Print pages: 253

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