Acheron Salvation

Acheron Salvation

Ken Lozito Founding author
Quinton Aldren thought he could leave his past behind him . . . He was wrong.
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Quinton Aldren thought he could leave his past behind him . . . He was wrong.

First came the development of a Personality Matrix Construct—PMC, transferring human consciousness into a machine. It changed the galaxy and the way wars were fought. Then something went wrong with PMCs and the Federation Wars toppled the galactic order. PMCs became a menace to be hunted and exterminated.

Long after the Federation Wars, the galaxy limps on. Spacers carve out an existence upon the bones of the old worlds, but things are about to change. . .something has begun broadcasting signals to reactivate PMCs that were stored in secret.

Quinton Aldren is a PMC. His consciousness was uploaded and stored over a century ago, before the Federation Wars. All Quinton wants is to leave his past behind, but the broadcasts keep occurring. More PMCs are coming online, and not all of them are entirely stable. Federation War machines are on the hunt for them, and they don’t care who gets in their way.

Acheron Salvation is a fast-paced science fiction novel in the classic space opera and military sci-fi traditions, by Amazon Best Selling Author Ken Lozito.

Release date: April 9, 2021

Publisher: Acoustical Books LLC

Print pages: 326

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Acheron Salvation
Ken Lozito
Phil Thron
9 Hours 26 Minutes
April 30, 2021
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