Her Orc King

Her Orc King

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Captured by slavers, sold at auction to brutal orcs, and dragged halfway across the realm…

I never thought I’d say this, but being kidnapped by a band of pillaging bandits wasn’t the low point of my life.

No, that came when a massive, scarred orc king decided I was his mate and refused to let me leave his cave.

Orcs are a vile race without a shred of propriety, and their king is the worst of all - he expects me to accept their wicked ways and doesn’t understand that my thoughts scatter whenever he removes his shirt. He insists on taking care of me - both my body and soul - and won’t take no for an answer.

But trouble brews in this remote kingdom. The orcs are keeping secrets, and I want to learn the truth. And I’m no longer certain I want to return to the human world. Maybe I want to stay right here, in King Gorvor’s arms.

Her Orc King is an orc fantasy romance with a big, scarred hero who falls hard for the stubborn human heroine. You’ll love it if you enjoy your books with a hint of kidnapping, size difference issues, and lots of steamy scenes. This is the first book of a series of standalones - each book can be read separately and features a happily-ever-after ending for that couple.

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Her Orc King
Zoe Ashwood
Dan Lee
157.52 MB
May 14, 2023
Zoe Ashwood




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