Girl, Under Oath

Girl, Under Oath

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Do you love your husband enough to murder his other wife?

Doctor Jenny Ipswich's perfect life crashes down the day her husband dies. It shatters when his dying request is to pay half of his two-million-dollar life-insurance policy to some woman named Elise.

Shocked to learn the secret affair resulted in a second wife and a child in Paris, Jenny comes face-to-face with the other woman when Elise shows up demanding half of everything she's worked hard for—over Jenny's dead body. As the wives square off, Jenny stands trial for their husband's suspicious death.

Criminal attorney Michael Gresham is on the case, but disturbing texts, emails, and a horrifying discovery come to light when Elise suddenly vanishes. When dangerous attraction and sudden obsession collide, Michael must entrap a killer to protect those he loves from a case that's turned personal.

Enjoy psychological thrillers within a police and lawyer world? Don't miss the slow-burn suspense from USA Today Bestselling author John Ellsworth.

Praise for John Ellsworth

"The perfect psychological legal thriller by a master lawyer" Amazon reader

"After having read this book, can I give it more than five stars? This is a brilliantly written, fascinating story!" Amazon reader

"I have read everything that this author has written and can't wait to read what's next from him. Thank you John Ellsworth." Amazon reader

"There are so many plot twists and turns. Put on a pot of coffee and curl up on the couch for an all-nighter. Well done, John Ellsworth." Amazon reader

"The plot was amazing and the characters so believable. This is another winner for John Ellsworth." Amazon reader

"Start at the beginning, and don't miss anything! I promise you won't be disappointed. Thank you, John Ellsworth (eta al.) for all your great work." Amazon reader

"A very interesting book of legal and psychology, love last, love tried and true, and good versus bad. Jennifer Ipswich is so believable. The author keeps you wanting to turn page after page and not stop reading." Amazon reader

Release date: March 3, 2021

Print pages: 362

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