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Under the blazing cover of a post-nuclear, technology-crippled world, Sarah Coolidge is an expert at being neither seen nor heard.

She was an afterthought to her abusive parents.

She's invisible to the criminals she works with.

And she'll soon be the death-dealing ghost her enemies never see coming--if she can just shake loose the one person who does see her.

The one who could ruin her.

The one who gives her a reason to live.

Release date: July 10, 2018

Publisher: Howling Mad Press

Print pages: 328

Content advisory: Graphic language and violence

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Behind the book

Dear Reader,

Have you ever started a book and thought, “This is just … weird”? If not, GHOSTS may be the book that hits your WTF button.

Because it’s beyond weird.

Organized into three acts with individual episodes, GHOSTS was originally published on my website as a serial. Every episode in Act I is exactly five hundred words long—not a single word over or under—by Microsoft Word’s count. Those episodes are also written out of chronological order. In Act II, the episode lengths vary but still follow a strict pattern: 500, 1,000, or 1,500 words each. At that point, the plot begins to follow a much straighter path and should start making more sense. The final act is a free-for-all. The lengths of the episodes in Act III vary greatly.

There’s a big, long, convoluted reason for this insanity, but I’ll let you figure it out as you go. ;-)

If you read the original serial, you may notice some changes. In this version, Sikes is a colonel. I added setting details to show more of what Sarah’s world is like, and there are three new episodes sprinkled in. The plot is the same, but this version should be cleaner and more developed, thanks to my wonderful editor, Jenn.

Also, you may notice some grammar issues (for example, Sarah often leaves off the letter “g” from “-ing” words, uses the article “a” instead of “an” before words that begin with vowel sounds, and uses incorrect subject-verb agreement). These “mistakes” are intentional. This is how the character talks. It’s her voice and is meant to reflect her upbringing as an uneducated girl raised by ignorant parents. I realize quality is an important issue for readers, so I want to make it clear that the incorrect grammar usage in this story is a conscious, stylistic choice on my part.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy GHOSTS!



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