Enigma: A Sci-fi Short Story

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We have not returned to the Moon in nearly 50 years. There's a good reason why.

Without warning, Lunar One base mysteriously goes dark.
For America, it's a potential threat with cosmic implications.
For USAF pilot, Lucas Hernandez, it's the mission of a lifetime.

After the construction site of a U.S. military base on the far side of the Moon suddenly goes dark, and all communication is lost, a covert mission is hatched by the government to investigate what happened. Fearing this may be an act of sabotage against the U.S. and its lunar interests, a small team of elite soldiers and aerospace engineers are sent there to assess the situation and search for any survivors. What they soon discover is so terrifyingly profound, it will alter mankind's knowledge of the Moon forever.

Enigma is filled with intrigue, mystery, and a hefty dose of adrenaline-pumping action.

Release date: September 12, 2019

Publisher: Tiny Empire Pty Ltd

Print pages: 70

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