Disappearance at Oare

Disappearance at Oare

Genres: Mystery
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The Whitstable Pearl restaurant has been busy all summer while Pearl's detective agency has brought few interesting cases - until a prospective client calls....

Christina Scott confides that seven years ago she had the perfect life, with a seaside home, a confirmed pregnancy and Steven, a loving husband - until one morning she woke to find herself alone. Christina's husband had vanished, taking nothing with him but his car - which was later found abandoned at the beautifully mysterious Oare Marshes.

Now, with the legal presumption of Steven's death about to be made, Christina shows a photograph to Pearl. It's not of him but of her young son, Martin, who has grown up without his father - and Christina is adamant he now deserves to know the truth. Will Pearl help her solve the riddle of Steven's disappearance?

DCI Mike McGuire warns Pearl she's on a fool's errand, but the case resonates with Pearl as she begins to uncover secrets and lies that take her on a dangerous journey back into her own past as well as Christina's....

Release date: June 7, 2018

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

Print pages: 320

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Disappearance at Oare
Julie Wassmer
Willow Nash
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April 4, 2019
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