Deep Blue


2019 I Heart Indie Contest - Finalist
I Heart Indie Contest
2019 Carolyn Readers’ Choice Award – Finalist in Contemporary Romance
Carolyn Readers’ Choice Award
2019 Write Touch Readers’ Award – Second Place in Long Contemporary
Write Touch Readers’ Award


A Contemporary Adventure Romance


Dr. Grace Mann knows great white sharks. As the daughter of an obsessed shark researcher, Grace spent her childhood in the company of these elegant and massive creatures. Now, finally, she’s testing a prototype shark array that may lead to a reliable alert system for swimmers and sharks to coexist. All that stands in her way are two men—her ex, Brad Michaels, fellow shark researcher and the man trying to steal her work, and Alec Galloway, an underwater filmmaker hired to produce a documentary about Grace’s project. Grace mixed her work and love life before and it was a disaster. No matter how sexy Galloway is, she won’t make that mistake again …


Alec Galloway prides himself on being the best in the business, so he’s baffled when Dr. Mann rejects his application to capture her work on film. When her boss overrules her decision and gives Alec the job, he learns that winning over Grace won’t come easy. But Alec is accustomed to dealing with unpredictable creatures, and Grace’s passionate focus on great whites puts her in a class of danger all her own. As his fan-boy crush on the woman quickly turns into something more, his greatest competition turns out to be the sharks themselves.


“This book has it all … danger, intrigue, romance, scientific fact and a fast-paced plot …” ~ Allison Brady, Love Books Group


“… Grace is a brilliant character … five stars …” ~ donnasbookblog


“… like shark week in a book …” ~ Rachel H., reader


2019 Write Touch Readers’ Award – Second Place in Long Contemporary

2019 Carolyn Readers’ Choice Award – Finalist in Contemporary Romance

2019 I Heart Indie Contest – Finalist


Each Pathway novel can be read as a stand-alone, but don’t miss the other books.


Book 1: Deep Blue (Dr. Grace Mann and Alec Galloway)

Book 2: Cold Horizon (Lindsey Coulson and Tyler Galloway)

Book 3: Ancient Winds (Dr. Tristan Magee and Brynn Galloway)


After reading the novels, enjoy these short stories in The Pathway Short Adventure Series:

Short 1: Deep Blue Australia

Short 2: Deep Blue Réunion Island

Short 3: Deep Blue Cocos Island

Short 4: Cold Horizon Telluride


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Release date: February 26, 2018

Publisher: K. McCaffrey LLC

Print pages: 318

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