Cold Horizon Telluride: A Pathway Short Story Volume 4

Cold Horizon Telluride: A Pathway Short Story Volume 4

Ty Galloway and Lindsey Coulson head to Telluride, Colorado, for a romantic weekend.
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A Pathway Short Adventure

Lindsey Coulson has lost her edge. After surviving a harrowing descent of K2, the second highest mountain in the world, life back home has left her with serious doubts about continuing the dangerous life of a high-altitude mountain climber. When she accompanies her boyfriend, Ty Galloway, to a trade show in Telluride, Colorado, a chance encounter with a climber who knew her deceased dad—famed mountaineer Robbie Coulson—sets her on a different course.

Ty Galloway has settled into a nine-to-five routine with his new job as editor-in-chief of Mountaineer Magazine, but the monotony is already beginning to chafe. A weekend away with Lindsey at his parents' place seems like the perfect antidote, but when his mom and dad unexpectedly arrive, their presence puts a damper on his romantic plans. And they've got a few surprises in store for Ty.

(Includes appearances from Italian climber Elena Rossi and the irreverent mountaineer Dan Beck.)

Cold Horizon Telluride is part of The Pathway Short Adventure Series, a collection of short stories that offer continuing tales of the characters from the novels.

Each Pathway novel can be read as a stand-alone, but don't miss the other books.

Book 1: Deep Blue (Dr. Grace Mann and Alec Galloway)
Book 2: Cold Horizon (Lindsey Coulson and Tyler Galloway)
Book 3: Ancient Winds (Dr. Tristan Magee and Brynn Galloway)

After reading the novels, enjoy these short stories in The Pathway Short Adventure Series:
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Short 4: Cold Horizon Telluride

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Release date: June 9, 2019

Publisher: K. McCaffrey LLC

Print pages: 57

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