Brier: A Second Chance Romance

Brier: A Second Chance Romance

She refused to let him hold her back. Now, the last move Drew anticipates is Brier risking her life for love.
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No heart, no heartache

Cunning Brier Cavanaugh’s teenage dalliance with her older brother’s best friend was a secret until Drew admitted to everyone he was in love with her. Although she still regrets making her childhood sweetheart look foolish, Drew left Brier no choice but to run away like a thief in the night. Her disappearance should have been the proof Drew needed to recognize Brier was keeping his true affections at bay.


Because no man—no matter how hot, or how much southern charm he had—would hold Brier back from becoming a police officer. And Brier wasn’t handing over her heart to anyone who thought her dreams were silly. Or worse, someone who believed keeping Brier barefoot and pregnant was the best use of her trust fund… Even if for a split-second years ago, Brier had the sneaking suspicion that having a family with Drew might not turn out to be a miserable life sentence.


Call him a hopeless romantic, yet Drew Newhouse still believes he and Brier are meant to be. After all, the feisty blonde is the woman who taught him to never back down from a challenge. Rather than pine for a reckless girl who wasn’t ready to settle down, Drew set out to prove he was a better man. His ambition took him from a small town high school team all the way to playing professional football.


Sidelined by a season-ending injury and recovering at Kingsbrier, Drew has two objectives: Do whatever it takes to get back on the field, and show Brier that this time with her he is determined to play for keeps. Drew knows it will take more than teaming up with the other quintuplets to convince Brier to put her heart on the line and give their relationship a second chance. However, the last move Drew anticipates is Brier risking her life for love.

Release date: August 13, 2016

Print pages: 283

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