The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Romance Boxed Set Books 2-3

The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Romance Boxed Set Books 2-3

Two sisters are about to learn they can’t hide from love
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Welcome back to the Kingsbrier Ranch, where two sisters are about to learn they can't hide from love... and the bonds of family may be exactly what draws them home to find it!

Wild Brier closed off her heart from her secret childhood sweetheart in pursuit of her dreams. But was it her brother's best friend who really let Brier go instead? Sweet Daveigh set out to prove to her siblings she wasn't as naive a baby sister as everyone thought. What will it take for Daveigh to believe that the single father managing the Cavanaugh's vineyard has always viewed his boss' daughter very differently?

This special boxed collection includes three full-length steamy small town romance novels —Brier and Daveigh, along with a BONUS newly revised edition of the coming of age book that started the series, Eric.

The Kingsbrier Quintuplets are page-turning family romances—uniquely blended stories of unforgettable characters who you'll grow to know like they are your long lost friends.

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Brier, Book 2

Brier Cavanaugh ran the night her older brother's best friend told the other quintuplets that he was in love with her. It should have been all the proof Drew needed she'd use her reckless and wild streak to keep him at bay. No man, no matter how hot or much southern charm he has, would hold Brier back from her dreams. And she wasn't handing over her trust fund to anyone who thought she was better off barefoot and pregnant.

Call him a hopeless romantic, yet Drew Newhouse still believes he and Brier are meant to be. After all, the feisty blonde is the one who taught him to never back down from a challenge and, this time, Drew's determined on playing for keeps. He knows it will take more than teaming up with Brier's brothers to convince her to put her heart on the line. However, the last move Drew anticipates is Brier risking her life for love.

Daveigh, Book 3

Cris Sanchez is a widower with a young son. Daveigh Cavanaugh is the boss's youngest daughter. When she left Kingsbrier eight years ago bound for college and veterinary school their fates should have been sealed. Instead, Cris's dedication as the ranch manager and Daveigh's love of animals has drawn their friendship closer.

Contending with the impending loss of a confidant they've both shared, Daveigh hasn't garnered the courage to reveal to Cris the real reason for coming home. She's always understood true happiness was meant for the other quints. But that doesn't mean Daveigh hasn't pondered everything she'd have to give up for a chance at love with the rugged and handsome man who has held her heart since she was a young girl.

Yet, Daveigh's secret doesn't cut as deep as the one Cris harbors. Can he relinquish the past that haunts him, or will they spend a lifetime continuing to deny their deeper feelings?

BONUS! — Eric, Book 1

Everyone says they're wild... and maybe they are.

But the Kingsbrier Quintuplets are also five teenagers ready to make a mark on the world without anyone taking advantage of their notoriety.

While his brothers and sisters are flying the nest, Eric Cavanaugh is rooted at the Kingsbrier Ranch, eager to learn the ropes at the family construction company. In his girlfriend, Ginny, he's found the one person outside his siblings he trusts. She has a heart of gold, and Eric's willing to wait for Ginny to finish college before getting married.

Ginny Adair is uncertain leaving might mean losing the one stable thing in her life—the love she and Eric share. Forced to admit to the lengths she's gone, will Ginny's deceit tear them apart or be the stepping stone on a new path they never imagined?

A story of finding your true love young and having the strength to forgive.

Release date: January 31, 2021

Print pages: 713

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