THE URBAN FANTASY SERRATED EDGE SERIES FROM NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHOR MERCEDES LACKEY AND CODY MARTIN CONTINUES. FIGHT FOR THE SOUL OF SILENCE When Staci was first shunted off to the backwater town of Silence, Maine, to live with her alcoholic mother, she thought her life was over. Silence had none of the amenities a typical teen in the twenty-first century considered essential: no cell service and barely any internet connectivity. But Staci soon learned that Silence was more than a town left behind by progress. The first family of Silence, the Blackthorns, liked the town that way. The Blackthorns were dark elves who fed off the misery of the residents of Silence. But now, all that's changing for the better. With the help of Staci and her friends, the Blackthorns have been all but defeated. Industry is returning to Silence, and Staci's mom is improving with each passing day. There's even a cute new busboy at the diner. But evil dies hard. And Staci, now a mage-in-training, senses that the Blackthorns have not yet given up. The soul of Silence is on the line, and it is up to Staci and her friends to fight back against the encroaching darkness. About Breaking Silence : “. . . a wide assortment of fantastical foes adds variety and drama to the narrative. Returning fans will appreciate this solid series entry.”— Publishers Weekly Serrated Edge Series Born to Run (#1) by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon Wheels of Fire (#2) by Mercedes Lackey and Mark Shepherd When the Bough Breaks (#3) by Mercedes Lackey and Holly Lisle Chrome Circle (#4) by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon Stoned Souls (#5) by Mercedes Lackey Elvendude (#6) by Mark Shepherd Spiritride (#7) by Mark Shepherd Lazerwarz (#8) by Mark Shepherd Silence (#9) by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin The Chrome Borne (omni contains Born to Run and Chrome Circle) by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon The Other World (omni contains When the Bough Breaks and Wheels of Fire) by Mercedes Lackey, Mark Shepherd and Holly Lisle

Release date: January 26, 2021

Publisher: Baen

Print pages: 320

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