Beautifully Broken Moments: A Modern Day Romance

Beautifully Broken Moments: A Modern Day Romance

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Beautifully Broken Moments is the stunning conclusion in A Series of Moments trilogy, chronicling the love affair between Jacob Edmonton, a world-famous actor, and Lilly Staver, the nurse who saved him from himself.

★ Please note, this is the final book in A Series of Moments. You must read the first two books, "From the Moment We Met" and "Unguarded Moments", for the full story. If you would like all novels in one volume, please consider the box set A Series of Moments.  ★

All it takes is a moment. One moment can change the course of your life...and love.

With a single statement during a press conference, Jacob upended his world. When his ex-girlfriend Victoria claimed she was not only engaged to the acting legend but also expecting his child, Jacob went along with the charade. But his actions were not for selfish gains; they were to protect the only thing that mattered—Lilly. To save her from the backlash of Victoria's jealousy, Jacob let go of the only woman he loved.

As the truth behind events of the last several months shifts into sharp focus, Jacob is left with one final choice. Does he move on without Lilly or fight to reunite with the love of his life? For Jacob, it's the easiest decision he's ever made.

Lilly watched her dreams crumble on international television when Jacob claimed she was a brief fling. Devastated by his latest betrayal, she plans to flee England and Jacob forever. She's intent on escaping their tempestuous romance, until she learns the truth behind Jacob's actions.

Just as their plans start falling into place, the wheel of life doles out a tragedy that will test them on every level. Is Jacob’s love enough to carry them through or is the trail of heartache too difficult to traverse?

Subjects include: contemporary romance, London, Hollywood, celebrity love-story, trilogy, series

Release date: August 27, 2019

Publisher: TerraCotta Dragon Arts

Print pages: 247

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