Unguarded Moments: A Modern Day Romance Continues

Unguarded Moments: A Modern Day Romance Continues

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★Author's Note: This book is a continuation, not a standalone. It is part of the trilogy "A Series of Moments" and it does end in a cliffhanger. If you want all three books in one volume, please consider "A Series of Moments" boxset, also available in KU.★

Jacob made a choice, but soon realizes he made the wrong one. The lights of Hollywood dim in comparison to the love he found with Lilly. He's ready to fight tooth and nail to bring Lilly back into his life, but is it too late to undo the damage?

Lilly saw the writing on the wall when she met Jacob, but chose to follow her heart instead. Her foolish, naive heart. She's learned her lesson—loving Jacob Edmonton was a bad idea in every sense of the word. She gave him her love, but instead of loving her back, he walked away. She vows to never make that same mistake again, but can she resist the man who holds all the pieces of her shattered soul?

Thousands of kilometers lie between them now, but distance isn't Jacob's toughest hurdle. He needs to convince Lilly that loving him wasn't the gravest mistake she's ever committed.

The heart wants what the heart wants—but can Lilly believe in Jacob again, or will her fears end any chance of reconciliation?

Subjects include: contemporary romance, London, Hollywood, celebrity love-story, trilogy, series

Release date: June 11, 2019

Publisher: TerraCotta Dragon Arts

Print pages: 185

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