And Then Came You

And Then Came You

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♥♥♥A steamy friends-to-lovers romance that's full of heat, heart and a sob-worthy happily ever after.♥♥♥


Samuel Bernard and I don't exist in the same universe. Literally. He's a fashion icon, known both on and off the catwalk for his prowess and performance. 

Me? I'm successful, but I hide behind a pseudonym, penning steamy tales from the safety of my computer. I shy away from the spotlight where Samuel's entire life depends on staying firmly in front of the lens.

See? Totally different universes. 

But somehow, the stars aligned one fateful day at an author convention. Right after he grabbed my phone and berated my most recent excuse for a boyfriend. 

So now, my newest buddy is the world's most sought after male model. And we're just friends. 

I will not fall for Samuel Bernard is my new mantra...and it's not working.


Lexi is the first woman who's ever truly seen me—the man behind the glamour and smoldering stare. Unfortunately, she was less than impressed with my outer appeal, but after a coffee date and a conversation about Nietzsche, she realized I'm not a total loss in the intellect department.

She's entertaining and adorable in her own clumsy, fun-sized way. But she's not my type. Not even close.

No matter how much I miss her while I'm away. 

The friend zone is the safe zone for Lexi and me. And that's where we'll stay. 

If you repeat something enough times, you'll start to believe it, right?

Release date: April 1, 2021

Publisher: TerraCotta Dragon Arts

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