An Itch for Justice

An Itch for Justice

Can a stalled murder investigation in Halcyon Springs pull Izzie Di Sante back into investigative journalism?
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The mere thought of getting involved in the investigation shifts Izzie's mind into overdrive. A former reporter turned restaurant owner, she's determined to find out everything she can. Only the more she discovers about Drew Scanlon’s murder and his new wife’s hurried placement in a psychiatric facility, the more questions she has.

With the detective instructed to tread carefully given the social status of the family, the investigation of Drew’s murder stalls. His parents spin a story that casts his wife, Bethany, as the prime suspect. Sedated and at the mercy of her caregivers at a private facility, Bethany is helpless to defend herself against their accusations. Nothing adds up in Izzie’s mind, spurring her to delve deeper while doing her best to balance her search for justice with her responsibilities at the family restaurant.

Release date: January 26, 2022

Print pages: 238

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