• The Imposter
  • Viral Intent: Terror in New Orleans
  • Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center

Alexandra Destephano

Judith Lucci Founding author
Genres: Mystery


The best book you'll never read this year.
JD Lasica
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From Book 1: The divorce was final and the pain still lingered.

Will her first date with Mitch be what she needs?

Starting over can be hard. Alex worked her butt off to become a nurse and law school was just another challenge she had to conquer. Her drive got her the job as inhouse council for Crescent City Medical and she loved it. There was just one problem…

Seeing her ex every day.

Date night didn’t go as planned. When she got the call, Alex was just about ready, but dinner with Mitch would have to wait. The wife of Louisiana’s Governor had been found, unconscious and covered in blood. Who would do such a thing?

This was the first domino to fall…

…and the Big Easy has many secrets.

Will Alex get in over her head?

In a world of politics, underworld, and voodoo, Alex starts down a path she may regret. There are forces at play she didn’t know existed.

You’ll love this psychological thriller, because it will take more than strong character to come out the other side, it will take brains. Alex has both.

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